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Rules Clarifications

Regional Quiz Bowl Rules 2017 - 2018

Rules Clarifications

  • Regularly check the Regional Quiz Bowl web page during the season for updates and other information.
  • Scores will be posted on the web site. (In general, you can look for updated scores by the Sunday following a game.) If you notice any errors in the posted scores, contact us ASAP. (The best way is by e-mail to: regionalquizbowl@gmail.com).
  • A game may end in a tie.
  • Final Tournament Invitations go to the top Varsity team and JV team in each region. The remaining spots in the Tournament will be offered to the teams in rank order over all of the regions in RQB. There will be 16 teams in the Varsity Tournament and 16 teams in the JV Tournament.
  • A team consists of five (5) students, four players to start the game and one who may be put in as a substitute for a player during the game. [Some schools have abused this rule and brought more than one substitute to each game. PLEASE CONFINE YOUR TEAM TO 5 VARSITY AND 5 JUNIOR VARSITY PLAYERS/MEET.]
  • Substitutions during a game: Coaches may substitute ONE player during a game, as long as the substitution occurs between rounds (not during a round). Any player who will be playing in a game must be in the room during the entire game.
  • A student may not play on both Varsity and JV teams on the same day. Furthermore, coaches are asked to do their best to maintain the integrity of their teams. Switching a player between Varsity and JV to gain a tactical advantage over an opponent is not within the spirit of RQB. Coaches found to use this tactic will have their rosters frozen for the remainder of the season. However, this rule is suspended for an unofficial game, such as when an opposing team is not present or does not have a sufficient numbers of team members.
  • A team with only three players may compete in an official game. If a team has only one or two players present they cannot play an official game but they are encouraged to play an unofficial game.
  • All protests must be resolved BEFORE THE SCORE IS CERTIFIED. The Regional Hosts have been instructed on how to deal with protests, but coaches have the option to resolve a problem by substituting a different question for the one that is in doubt. Extra questions can be found at the end of each game packet, or an unused bonus question from Round 1 can be used as a substitute question if needed. Final arbitration can be done at a later time. The substitute question that is answered during the game could be used in the scoring if necessary.
  • Each team is expected to bring two 2-liter bottles of soda or juice and two packages of cookies or snack foods to each meet. Please don't forget to bring your refreshments - it is important for all of the participants. Hosts will provide cups and napkins.
  • Tie in Rank: In the event that two or more teams tie for final ranking during the regular season or during the Final Tournament, the following method will be used to break the tie: (1) the team with the highest single score in 'Round 2 & 3' points will be ranked higher (2) if this does not break the tie, the team with the lowest single score in 'Round 2 & 3' points will be ranked lower.
  • Time permitted for a math questions is 15 seconds.
  • 60 second/lightning round: Each set of ten questions begins with a prompt (e.g., Name the following items that begin with the letter H.) The clock starts when the reader finishes reading the prompt. As the first item is being read, the clock is going. [Each Toss over item is given 6 seconds.]
  • Rosters and final score certification: At the end of each game, the captains certify that the roster is correct, and also certify that the final score is correct. Once captains have signed to certify a score there will not be a score adjustment. On occasion team names are not entered correctly on the score sheet and scores are reversed; captains should be attentive to details and can catch this mistake before signing the score sheet.

Regional Quiz Bowl Rules 2017 - 2018

  • The team with higher final score in a game earns the win. The sum of the points earned in Round 2 and Round 3 is used to refine the win/loss record and determines team rank within each region.
  • In all rounds, the response time for non-math questions is 5 seconds.
  • Math questions will have a 15 second response time.
  • On tossup questions, it is highly recommended that players wait until the moderator recognizes them before answering. Though moderator recognition is not required, if a player answers a question for which a different player (on either team) had buzzed, his/her answer will be regarded as automatically incorrect. In Round 1, this will bar his/her team from answering that question. In Round 4, this will result in a 5 point deduction for his/her team (and end that question).
  • The first answer given will be considered the team's answer to the question.
  • Substitution Policy: A Team may have up to five (5) players, but only four (4) players may participate during each round of a game. At the beginning of a round the team Coach will select the four players to participate in that round. Once a round has begun, no substitutions may be made. A player may only play in one (1) official game, either Varsity or JV, during a meet (on a given day).
  • In the event that a team is unable to field four players in a game, a team of three may still play an official game.
  • All players who are participating in a game must be in the room when the game begins and may not leave the room until the game is over.
  • In the event that a "pick-up" team is created to play an unofficial game (such as when there are fewer than three team members present from a school), any player may participate, even if he/she has already played in another game, or is scheduled to play in a later game, on the same day. These unofficial games do not count in the standings. Creation of a "pick-up" team is encouraged if it enables a team to play when the expected opponent is unable to attend the meet.
  • When a team plays an unofficial game the following guidelines determine the reported score: The team that is present but has no opponent will be assigned a Win, and the rounds 2+3 points are recorded as the average of the rounds 2+3 points earned in the game by other teams in the region. The team that is absent, or does not field a roster of at least three students, is assigned a Loss, with no round 2+3 points.

Round 1 - Toss-up and Bonus Round

  • Fifteen toss-up questions, each worth 5 points. The team that correctly answers the toss-up question will be offered a bonus question worth an additional 5 points.
  • If the first team to buzz-in gives an incorrect answer, the toss-up will be offered to the other team. If the question had been interrupted while being read, the moderator will re-read the missed question in its entirety for the second team. If the question had been fully read, the moderator will not re-read the question before calling for an answer from the second team.
  • Missed bonus questions will not be offered to the other team.
  • There is no penalty for an incorrect answer.
  • The captain will give the team's response for the bonus questions.
  • Consultation is not permitted for the toss-up questions, but it is encouraged when answering the bonus questions.

Round 2 - Team Round

  • Questions are arranged into two groups, A and B. Each group consists of five questions.
  • The team with the lower score at the start of Round 2 will choose which set of questions they wish to answer. (Each set is a random collection of questions, with no difference in difficulty between the questions in each set.)
  • Each correctly answered question will earn 5 points.
  • Captain will respond for the team. Consultation is permitted during this round.
  • After the complete group of questions has been asked, questions that were not answered correctly will be re-read for the opposing team. Two points will be awarded for each correct answer.
  • A five-point bonus will be awarded if all five questions in a chosen group are answered correctly.

Round 3 - 60 Second/Lightning Round

  • Three sets of 10 related questions will be offered to the teams. After hearing the topics, the team with the lower score (after two rounds of play) will have the opportunity to select the set of questions they wish to answer. The other team will select its lightning round topic from the two sets that remain.
  • The ten questions are to be answered in 60 seconds (or 150 seconds if the set has math questions). Timing begins when the reader has completed reading the prompt. Captain will respond for the team. Consultation is permitted during this round. 5 points will be awarded for each correct response.
  • A team may pass on a question, but may not return to a question once it has been passed.
  • Questions that are not answered correctly will be offered to the other team after the sixty seconds have elapsed. Two points will be earned for the correct answer to a "tossed-over" question. Six seconds will be allocated per tossed over question (15 seconds/math question).
  • A five-point bonus will be awarded if all ten questions in a group are answered correctly.
  • If a question has not been asked during the original time period, it will NOT be offered to the other team.

Round 4 - High-Stakes Round

  • Twenty toss-up questions. Each question is worth 5 points. If a question is incorrectly answered, there will be a five-point penalty.
  • No consultation is permitted between team members during this round.
  • Incorrectly answered questions will NOT be offered to the opposing team.

Upon the Completion of the Game

  • Each team captain should sign the bottom of the score sheet to validate the final score of the game.
  • A Coach from one of the teams should be designated to return the question set and the signed score sheet to the Regional Director.

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