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Incorporated in 1989 by Linda Padwa and Melanie Krieger, Regional Quiz Bowl has provided Long Island high school students with an opportunity to build, refine, and test their skills in quick thinking, deep understanding, and rapid reflexes. RQB competitions cover a wide variety of academic disciplines, both curriculum and non-curriculum based. Our aim is to build teamwork, motivation, curiosity, and love for learning among our participants, from their freshman year all the way through to graduation.

Teams consist of four players at a time, with one substitute if so desired. Competitions consist of four rounds. The first round has 15 toss-up questions, and each correct answer comes with one additional team bonus question. Collaboration is the key in round two, in which each team works together to answer five questions. Then, the pace really heats up, as round three is the lightning round: ten questions in 60 seconds. Tensions grow even higher, if that's possible, in round four, the high stakes round, in which teams are rewarded for their correct answers, but lose points on incorrect buzzes.

After five such competitions in their home regions located all across the island, teams receive their final rankings and some are invited to the RQB Finals. On one afternoon of competition, the top 18 varsity and junior varsity teams come together to participate in up to six games each. The last teams standing are crowned Long Island champions!

Many RQB participants have had excellent educational outcomes. Many going on to become their schools' valedictorians or finish in their graduating classes' top 10 percent. RQB participants have taken their curiosity and interest in learning to various high-ranking post- secondary institutions all across the United States, and have excelled therein. Several have participated in collegiate quiz bowl, and one former RQB participant is even a current members of RQB's board of directors! All carry with them fond memories of the excitement and camaraderie of their time spent competing in Regional Quiz Bowl.